Aug 04


Jul 28

7 Days of Garbage


Sure, many of us make an effort to separate our trash these days, but do we ever really consider the amount of waste we create in the first place? Photographer Gregg Segal came up with a clever way to bring attention to this issue by creating a series of photographs showing people surrounded by seven days worth of their own trash. 

"I think consumption is one of the biggest problems we face, and one of the things we do the least about because we feel overwhelmed by it," Segal says.

Spotted by Aicha Traore, Social Media Intern

Jul 21

The Gregory Project


An architectural design firm in Slovakia called Design Develop has dreamt up The Gregory Project – a way to turn billboard space into housing for the homeless. The small, two-room apartments include an entrance hall, a kitchen, a desk, a raised bed, storage space, and a bathroom. Also, due to the existing electricity used to light these billboards at night, the houses would already be wired. What’s so great about an idea like this is how it utilizes an already existing structure and transforms it into something so useful to our society.

- Spotted by Aicha Traore, Social Media Intern

Jul 11

Entrepreneur Barbie Joins LinkedIn and is #Unapologetic

Barbie on LinkedIn? Fully equipped with a briefcase, smartphone, and tablet – Entrepreneur Barbie seeks to inspire women all over the world to dream big with her new LinkedIn Profile page.

55 years and 150 careers later,Barbie’s new company, “Dream Incubator,” includes the tagline “If You Can Dream It, You Can Be it!” (she even has her very own hashtag, #unapologetic). Hopefully Barbie’s new career will continue tomotivate girls to dream big.

- Spotted by Lindsay Arakawa, Social Media Content Creator

Jul 09

Introducing “Loop Count” on Vine

Vine users can now see how many times their six second clip has been watched with “Loop CountSimilar to the view count on YouTube, users will get a better idea of how popular their videos are, and with updates in real-time, they’ll know if others are watching along with them.

As we all know, not all updates are perfect and because Vines replay automatically there is no way of knowing whether someone was actually watching it or not. But with a few tweaks this could be a major step forward for Vine and its users.

- Spotted by Lindsay Arakawa, Social Media Content Creator