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Social Media News and Updates - May 4th

Organ Donation: Friends Saving Lives - Facebook users can now declare their organ donor status right on their timeline, and in the initial roll-out of the feature, some organ donor registries have seen daily spikes in new donor submissions of up to 800%.

Uber: On-Demand Mariachi Fiestas - The mobile taxi app Uber is taking advantage of Cinco de Mayo as a marketing opportunity by allowing users in San Francisco to order an on-demand fiesta, that includes a pinata, a song from a mariachi band, and a bottle of margarita mix, all delivered by an Uber van in under an hour.

Zynga’s New Ad Pitch for Draw Something: ‘Draw This Brand’ - If you were wondering how Zynga planned to make money off their $200 million purchase of Draw Something, the answer, unsurprisingly, is ads. Expect to be drawing Nike swooshes and Starbucks coffees as a regular part of your friendly competition.

Want a sneak peak at Coca-Cola’s new ‘liquid’ marketing strategy, as well as what’s worked and what hasn’t for them recently? Surprisingly, they’ve laid out the entire thing across nearly 18 minutes of YouTube video, and illustrated it to make sure you stay entertained.

Pepsi - Pepsi’s not out of the soda race just yet however, as they recently launched their now ‘Live For Now’ campaign, which transforms the homepage into a real-time dashboard that uses the hashtags #now and #livefornow to aggregate the ‘now moments’ from pop culture, news, events, offers and more, all ranked by social popularity. You can even dive into specific dates and locations if you want to use it as a dashboard for the social conversation at any given time or place.

This Video Has a Frightful Secret That Only Your Digital Camera Can See - A very clever campaign that uses the way that cameras capture images to spread a brand message through YouTube that remains secret unless you know how to ‘crack’ the code.

Snapguide: Simple Sharing to Pinterest - Snapguide is the first moblie app to roll out easy Pinterest integration via the new Pinterest API, allowing people to share their Snapguide guides to their Pinterest friends with a single click. This is a smart move by both platforms, as it gives Pinterest a great source of original content, and it gives Snapguide a large community to share content with.

LinkedIn to acquire SlideShare - Expect to see many more slide decks being shared by your LinkedIn connections, as the social network has just purchased the presentation tool for $120 million.

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